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We’re here to help at any time!  You’ll find everything from our rental agreement to our checkout guidelines below.


We’re excited to hear about your adventures!  If you need anything during your stay, please reach out to us:

Call or Text: 360-607-7700



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Forgot Your Check in Code?

Your checkin code will always be the last 4 of the phone number you used to make your reservation.


A Few House Rules ….


  • Absolutely no open flames allowed in The Seaview Manor home nor on the porches.  
  • Parties over 14 total people including children are not allowed and grounds for revoking this contract.  Anything over 14 is considered an Event and will need to be put under an Event Contract.  
  • The Seaview Manor is a non-smoking property and smoking will not be tolerated on the property.  The fire pit sits on State Land and can be utilized as a safe place for smoking.  Please do not leave any cigarette remnants-do not litter.
  • Pet fee covers 2 dogs.  You may bring more dogs with prior consent of owners for a $100 pet fee.
  • Strict observance of County Quiet hours of 10PM-9AM must be met.
  • Dogs must be cleaned up after.  Leave no trace and pick up and properly dispose of all feces on The Seaview Manor property prior to departure.  Proper disposal means bagging and placing it in a trash can near the road.  Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine, no exceptions.
  • Zero tolerance policy for nuisance barking.  Dogs are to be kept quiet during county quiet hours of 10PM and 9AM.  
  • Absolutely no street parking is allowed by guests.  
  • Guests are limited to 5 street legal vehicles total on the property (excluding motorcycles and mopeds).  Park on gravel or in designated parking spaces only.
  • Garbage is limited to 1 can for your stay and is picked up on Thursday morning.  Please bring the can to the side of the road Wednesday night if in the home at that time. Anything exceeding 1 can of garbage will need to be self-haul.  Failure to remove all trash will result in a trash disposal fee to be determined by Willows House Retreats, LLC.
  • Recycling is self-haul.  Directions for recycling drop spots on the Peninsula can be found in the guest book.  While we encourage you to recycle, we regret that there is no pickup at The Seaview Manor.
  • All dishware and furniture and draperies must be returned to the location where it was upon arrival.  No exceptions.  Every window on the main floor has pull string shades, please do not move the drapes.
  • Any exterior furniture including, but not limited to BBQ, landscaping materials, fire pit chairs, shovels, and sand toys are to be returned to the location where it was located upon arrival.
  • There will be no charging of electric vehicles by plugging into The Seaview Manor home directly.  Free Public charging is located at 207 4th ST SE, Long Beach, WA 98631 just a few miles from The Manor.
  • No pets allowed on the premium bedding.  Dog sheets can be found in the cabinet to protect the furniture and the beds from pet damage.  If you must cuddle your pets on the bed, please make sure that the premium bedding is covered.  Failure to do so will result in replacement costs payable by the Guest.  
  • Use of Seaview Manor beach towels is permitted.  Prior to departure all Beach Towels are to be shaken of sand and debris and washed and dried.
  • RV parking is not allowed without RV parking fee ($75/night) and previous consent by The Seaview Manor owners during your stay.
  • Check out is at 11AM sharp on departure day due to the quick turnaround times between guests.  

Before You Leave….


  • Wash and dry all towels prior to departure.
  • Please do not overload the washer or dryer.
    If you are unable to do this, please let us know and we will complete for a $50 laundry fee
  • Remove the top flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcases and bring to the laundry room. If you can get a load of sheets started it is greatly appreciated.
  • Empty Garbage cans throughout the house and bring them to the garbage can outside. Garbage cans should be placed by the road on Wednesday night for Thursday pick up.
  • Empty Recycling-there is no recycling pick up. Please follow recycling instructions in the book to self-haul.
  • Clean and put away hand wash dishes and load and start the dishwasher.
  • Empty coffee grounds from the pot.
  • Empty all food and frozen items from the refrigerator, freezer and cooler that you brought with you.
  • Scrape all food off BBQ grills, turn off gas at the tank after each use and leave as you found it.
  • Lock the front door with the latch and chain lock.
  • Lock the bikes together and leave in the corner of the front porch.
  • Leave through the back door, after exiting use the code you arrived with and the bolt will lock.
  • Please do not move the drapes in the living and dining room. For privacy there are blinds that can easily be pulled down using the string on the right side of the windows in the main room.